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Judge Lasher's video submitted to the Petoskey Chamber of Commerce
Keep Judge Angela Lasher - Spot 1- 10-15
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Keep Judge Angela Lasher - Spot 2- 10-15
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Veterans Court Judge Lasher talks to Attorney and Navy veteran Bryan Klawuhn.
Petoskey’s own, Carlin Smith, endorses the incumbent, Angela J Lasher, for 90th District Court Judge

Timeline for video 

5:39 Angela’s intro
7:50 Question 1 - What are the most important qualities of being a district court judge?
10:44 Question 2 - Per the Governor’s recent task force and related report regarding too many offenders being incarcerated, should the state reduce jail population even if crimes are committed at the same rate?
14:49 Question 3 - What are the greatest barriers to effective court access due to financial constraints on citizens and what steps should the court take to improve them?
18:22 Question 4 - For litigants with no attorney, how does a district court judge balance fair proceedings without giving legal advice from the bench?
22:00 Question 5 - Describe a situation where you have taken a controversial position that angered or offended someone and how did you handle it?
25:49 Question 6 - A majority of those incarcerated at the Emmet County jail are suffering from mental health issues that have manifested into substance abuse issues.  What can you do from the bench to assist with substance use disorder?
29:32 Question 7 - What is your view of the efficacy of treatment courts?
33:14 Question 8 - How common is it that individuals stay incarcerated because they can’t meet the demands of bail and are the current practices consistent with the 8th Amendment regarding bail?
37:06 Question 9 - what is your opinion on the value of restorative practices?
40:39 Question 10 - If you ruled the world, what is the one thing you would change in our justice system?
44:10 Closing statements

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