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“What happens in this very courtroom has an impact in all of your lives more than you realize. What happens to people is important. These are decisions that the judge makes each and every day, multiple times a day.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing Angela for a fair number of years now. Angela possesses a sense of fairness, equanimity. She has the ability to listen and a wonderful sense of humor. These are important attributes of a judge.”


— Judge James N. Erhart

Retired 90th District Court Judge at Judge Angela J. Lasher’s investiture, February 14, 2020


“For the past 15 years, I have known and worked with Judge Lasher when she was a prosecutor. Without fail, I have found her to be a fair and conscientious person. She was always willing to listen to all the facts of a case before making any decisions.  I never observed her abuse her authority or lose her objectivity no matter how egregious the case was.


Judge Lasher forged relationships with the courts, police, and social service agencies that streamlined the juvenile and probate services. I consider Judge Lasher as a good friend and also know her to be a great mother to her son and supportive wife to her husband. As a resident of Emmet County, I was very pleased to see her appointed to the 90th District Court bench.  I fully endorse and support her efforts to remain as our district court judge.


— Mike Sysko, Emmet County Resident


“I am honored to endorse Angela J. Lasher for Judge of the 90th District Court for Charlevoix and Emmet Counties. A judge must guarantee that each person who comes before the Court will receive equal justice under the law. A judge must ensure that partisanship, prejudice, bias, or public opinion will not play any part in the judicial process. As a judge, Angela lives these principles every day. Nothing is more important to her than treating every person before her with dignity and respect, and with fairness and impartiality. I urge you to give her your vote on the non-partisan ballot on election day.”


— Peter J. Lyons

Local Litigation Attorney


“As a former Prosecuting Attorney of Cheboygan County, President of the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan and former Probate/Family Court Judge, it is my honor to endorse Judge Angela Lasher of the 90th District Court. I have worked with Judge Lasher over many years and find her to be of the highest integrity, intellect, and judicial fairness. ”


— Joseph P. Kwiatkowski, JD

Kwiatkowski Law Firm, PLLC


”I have been working for Emmet County and with Angela Lasher for the past three years. I am proud to work there and among such a great group of fellow employees that care about this County and work very hard to ensure quality services to this area. Angela Lasher is an extremely hardworking team member who gives the 90th District Court the integrity necessary to run a fair and impartial court room. She IS the right person to maintain the bench of the 90th District Court and I will be voting to Keep Judge Lasher working for Emmet County. Anyone considering a candidate for this position, Angela is the right person to lead this court! Please give her your vote!”


— Brenda Harwood


“I strongly support Angela Lasher to be re-election for District Court Judge. In my experience, I have found Angela to be successful in all her endeavors. She is successful in her home, she is successful in her community, and she is successful in administering the l law. I met her through her membership in Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Petoskey and had the joy of performing her wedding to Scott Herceg.


Angela brings a lot to the table. She listens, she empathizes, she knows who she is, and she knows what is right and just and fair. She is both smart and kind. Angela is a well-balanced individual, able to fulfill her many roles in a way that both satisfies her, and takes care of and accounts for others. She is a powerful role model for women in her community. 


Angela is passionate, compassionate, and experienced. She is a faithful wife, a caring mother, and a community leader. We need more people like her on the bench, let’s not lose the one we’ve got.”


— Rev. Greg Brown

Episcopal Priest, Formerly of Petoskey, Michigan

Presently of Charlotte, North Carolina


“I had the privilege and honor of working with Angela Lasher for just shy of 12 years while working as a juvenile probation officer for Emmet County Probate Court. During those 12 years, Angela served as an assistant prosecuting attorney and part of the Juvenile Drug Court Team. Angela always provided and supported fair, honest, and reasonable recommendations that safeguarded abused and neglected children and provided punitive and rehabilitative recommendations to protect the public and support adjudicated youth and their families.


Angela spent countless evenings on the Juvenile Drug Court Team to ensure that the youth and their families were given the proper services, supports, consequences, and encouragement through their path to sobriety. Angela volunteered her time to speak at our local community college to those entering criminal justice to encourage and provide honest feedback on working in the field. Angela started her career as a social worker to protect those that did not have a voice. Her hands-on experience is invaluable and led her to be the extraordinary assistant prosecutor and now Judge that she is today. Angela has a passion and drive to do what is right, what is fair, and what will protect the public and safety of those who cannot protect themselves.


I support someone who has worked their way through the ranks, has passion, has drive, and has the people and public’s safety at heart. I support Judge Angela Lasher!”


— Haley Rummer

Former juvenile probation officer for Emmet County Probate Court


“Being a fair judge, having a great family background, being able to rehabilitate people, plus her passion for the law are all reasons to retain the honorable Angela Lasher for our 90th District Court Judge.”


— Carlin Smith

Former President, Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce


“All judicial positions are a non-partisan position, but this one especially is.  That is because the district court is a trial court.  It does not create precedent, it follows precedent. What you want in your district court judge is good judicial temperament, knowledge of the law, and the organizational skills to run the court. Judge Angela Lasher has all those qualities in spades.”


— William L. Meengs, Jr.

Past President, Emmet-Charlevoix Bar Association

Treasurer, Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce

Treasurer, Northern Community Mediation


“Judge Lasher is doing and will continue doing an excellent job. I’ve practiced in front of many Judges over my career and would rank her in the top. Community is important, to the extent that when, and it's not a matter of if, when Angela retains her position, we will get the Veterans Court up and running.”


— Bryan Klawuhn, Attorney at Law, representing clients in Petoskey, Cheboygan, Gaylord, Emmet County, Charlevoix County, Otsego County, Cheboygan County, and the Eastern Upper Peninsula.


“Angela is why I hold out hope for the judicial system, one judge at a time.”


— Sally L. Page, City Commissioner for Boyne City

“I am writing to strongly endorse Judge Angela J. Lasher’s candidacy for the 90th District Court of Charlevoix and Emmet counties. For more than 12 years, I worked with Judge Lasher in the Emmet County Prosecutor’s Office. I found her to be an experienced, compassionate individual with high moral and ethical standards. She has exhibited these qualities in the courtroom and in her personal life. Her pledge to “do her job honorably, and be fair and respectful to everyone appearing in her courtroom” assures all individuals that they will be treated equally and to the standard of the law. I am confident knowing Judge Lasher is ruling under the best interests of everyone in our community.”


— Christine Brooks, Retired Child Support Specialist, Emmet County 

Petoskey News Review;  Letter to the Editor

“If you want to continue to have a fair, balanced, intelligent person as your 90th District Court Judge, then you should vote to Keep Judge Angela Lasher”


— Melissa Kingsbury, Petoskey Resident


Join our supporters, that have committed to Keep Judge Angela Lasher as our 90th District Court Judge on November 3. 

E. Michael McNamara, Assistant Prosecutor Emmet

Duane Beach, Local Criminal Defense Attorney

William R. Brown, Petoskey Attorney at Law

Maurine Watts, Emmet County Friend of the Court (Ret.)

Christine Brooks, Child Support Specialist

Carin Nielsen, MD

Joey Van, Ziibimijwang Farm 

Karen Belch, Jan Boss, Dean & Shirley Burns, Kay Erlanger-McNamara, Nisa Kesseler, Janet Lewis, Melanie Meengs,

Tom VanDeventer, Christine Webster


“As a 48-year member of the Michigan Bar, I am very aware of the need for experienced trial attorneys on the bench. Judge Lasher’s years in the Emmet County’s Prosecutor’s Office evidences that experience. The vetting process she went through prior to her appointment to the 90th District Court reflects the high esteem in which she is held which was earned through her years of experience. I am delighted to endorse Judge Angela Lasher.”


— Jim Conboy

Retired lawyer and banker, past president of the Michigan Bankers Association,  Alma College Trustee Emeritus, and long time member of the Top of Michigan Trails Council Board of Directors

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